The following are links over which the webmistress for House of the Lost Keys has no control. They are included because she thought you may be interested in what the pages have to offer, or because she snagged a bunch of graphics from the sites and wanted to give credit where credit is due. :) If you recognize any of your graphics anywhere on this site or just want a link included on this page, please email Rowena by clicking HERE. Thanks and have fun!

- The Society for Creative Anachronism. Main page for the SCA.

- The Middle Kingdom. Main page for the Midrealm of the SCA.

- The Barony of Redspears. Barony in Northwest Ohio where most of the Lost Keys live.

- Timberwolfe Household. Good friends from the East!

- Clan Kindred of the Wolf. Another great group, scattered throughout 4 kingdoms!

- Vlad's Pleasure Pavilion. Also known as "The Island of Misfit Toys". You have to meet them all to understand! :)